Welcome to my portfolio!

Benjamin Roeloffs Valk

Visual Designer - Front-end Developer - Creative

Hi, i'm Benjamin

Creative Visual Designer and Front-end Developer with a big passion for the newest technologies and innovations. Always on the hunt for ways to develop myself and improve what I do.

Creativity is not only bounded to my working environment but also part of every aspect of my daily life. Combining my passion for technology with innovations and trends in an entrepreneurial atmosphere gives me energy.


I love designing with creativity and simplicity in mind. Pixel perfect designs with the Front-end Development in mind.

Passioned about:

Mobile, Web, App, UI, UX.




Adobe CC

Pen & Paper

Front-end Developer

With moslty also being part of the Design phase, I code my design with responsiveness, accesibility and speed in mind.

Passioned about:

HTML(5), CSS, Sass, Nunjucks, Panini.



Brackets/VS Code/Atom




I’m always flooding with creative ideas which i put into my personal notebook. Some things get into production as well.

Passioned about:

New technologies, social awareness, non-profit.

Personal projects:

The Cloud Rave



Les Enfants Terribles (The Hague)


This is a showcase of some projects I've been involved in.

The Cloud Rave

A side-project I've created in February 2020, when China was in lockdown. Together with Bud as supporting partner I designed and developed this website for our livestream and information.

The Cloud Rave

Next to the website, I made a platform for all the upcoming and live streams worldwide, curated by me and my partners. For this I used Ghost (opensource) as the base.


During the Covid-19 I was involved of in the concepting, creation and development of the 1point5 application together with the United Nations, LTO Network & TBWA.


For a new product of LTO Network I was partly responsible for the design of the website, afer the designphase I was responsible for the development as well.


Another product of LTO Network to fight the fraud in online communication. I was responsible for the concepting of the product and the development of the website.


After the concepting of the product and the development of the website, I was partly involved in the design and development of the SaaS.

LTO Network

This is V3 of the website where I've been also responsible for the previous versions. I was responsible for the design and the development of the website.


Firm24 is the biggest online notary service of The Netherlands. I've been responsible for multiple parts of the company involving concepting, design and the development of the website.